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Playmobil City Action 71040 Beach Patrol Quad

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Playmobil City Action 71040 Beach Patrol Quad.

Get ready for exciting adventures on the coast with the Playmobil Beach Patrol Quad! Whether on the beach or in the water, the lifeguard always has everything in view to be on the spot quickly in an emergency. With his maneuverable quad with the thick tires, he drives up and down the beach and attentively watches swimmers and bathers.

 With its practical pull-back motor, the Beach Patrol Quad ensures action-packed rescue operations in the children's room.

  • Includes: Playmobil figure, a quad with pullback motor, suntan lotion, megaphone and swimming board.
  • Life buoy and megaphone can be stowed on the carrier and fixed with the silicone straps.
  • Play with this set on its own or combine it with the other playsets in the Playmobil City Action series.

Ages: 4+