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Playmobil City Action 71464 Fireboat With Water Scooter

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Playmobil City Action 71464 Fireboat With Water Scooter.

Navigate through thrilling rescue missions with the new PLAYMOBIL Fire Boat with Aqua Scooter! Equipped with diving gear, the firefighter saves the distressed jet ski rider, aided by a specially trained water rescue dog. 

The floating boat features two seats with foot clamps, oars, and a swivelling outboard motor. When a figure is placed on the Aqua Scooter, it floats on water. The dog moves its head and tail, equipped with a removable life jacket harness.

A fantastic playset for exciting role-playing and heroic water rescues in the playroom. The perfect gift or treat for little action heroes.

PLAYMOBIL Fireboat with Aqua Scooter. Both watercraft are buoyant. With rescue dog. Fireboat can be upgraded with underwater motor (7350) (sold seperately).

Ages: 4+