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Playmobil City Action Porsche Macan S Fire Brigade

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Playmobil City Action Porsche Macan S Fire Brigade.

In an emergency, Playmobil firefighters are well used to saving people and animals from danger. How could the brave Playmobil fire team get to the job better than in the lightning-fast Porsche Macan S fire brigade? 

An emergency call comes in the fire brigade centre. In no time at all, the firefighters store the equipment in the spacious boot. Thanks to its turbo-fast Porsche Macan S, the team is first at the job site and can help immediately.

The playset consists of a Playmobil figure, a Playmobil Porsche Macan S with removable roof, flashing light and sound, as well as illuminated dashboard and many fire brigade accessories.

  • Contains: 38 pieces, includes 1 Porsche Macan S fire brigade, 1 figures and 36 accessories.
  • Removable roof, siren, blue light and much more.
  • Batteries Required: 4 x AAA (not included)

Ages: 4+