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Pokemon Deluxe Feature Pikachu

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Pokemon Deluxe Feature Pikachu.

The Pokémon Train and Play Deluxe Pikachu offers you a brand-new way to train! Bond over berries with your 11cm tall interactive Pikachu toy.

Your interactive Pikachu toy features over 50 unique reactions. When you touch the included Pecha Berry or Apple accessories to the sides of Pikachu’s mouth, your Pokémon toy responds with sounds and actions in its arms, ears, and tail! The fruits are the perfect way to energize these Pikachu toys when they’re overcharged and tired. How will you train your Pokémon?

Turn your interactive Pikachu toy on to see it respond to your touch and voice! Place your finger on your Pokémon’s head to see its cheeks flicker before it releases an attack. Just like a real Pocket Monster, it might overcharge after an attack, so remember to keep those berries handy!

The Pokémon Train and Play Deluxe Pikachu also responds to your voice. After its first charging attack, these interactive Pokémon toys react to your voice with sounds, lights, and by moving their arms, ears and tail.

  • Includes: 1 Train and Play Deluxe Pikachu toy.
  • Interactive Pikachu toy.
  • Features over 50 unique reactions with lights, sounds and movement.
  • Toy reacts to unique berry accessories as well as voice and touch.
  • Officially licensed Pokémon product.
  • Batteries required: 3 x AAA (included).

Ages: 4+