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Police Walkie Talkie Set

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Police Walkie Talkie Set.

Dickie Toys Police Walkie Talkie – Always ready for action!

If you are a police officer, you must be well informed. With these handy walkie-talkies you can keep in touch with your fellow police officers wherever you are and share important information with the touch of a button.

Designed specifically for kids, the walkie talkies feature detailed, brightly colored housings to inspire creative play. Thanks to the intuitive design, even young children will have no problem operating the devices.  Just press the button and speak into the microphone to get your message across. The speaker volume is set to a suitable level to protect sensitive young ear. While the sturdy housing ensures that the walkie-talkies can withstand the occasional drop or impact.

Finally the walkie-talkies also have an ergonomic design specifically tailored to young hands. With a sealed battery compartment and also noise screening technology to suppress background noise. The Dickie Toys Walkie-Talkies are the ideal action role-playing adventure adventures. Designed for ages 4 and up, these walkie talkies can be used at a range of up to 100 meters and are also the perfect accessory for budding young police officers.

6 AAA batteries included.

Ages: 4+