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Polly Pocket Puppy Party Playset

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Polly Pocket Puppy Party Playset.

Raise the woof in this Polly Pocket Puppy Party Playset that includes two dolls and 26 accessories. Open the adorable puppy exterior to a find a roller rink birthday party. Throw the ultimate puppy party with your furry friends.

Try on some skates and head to the rink to get the party started. Turn up the tunes in the DJ booth and show off some moves on the dance floor or add balloons to the decoration.

There is a surprise at every corner Kids can pack up and carry the piñata with the top handle feature for on-the-go fun. Ideal for ages 4 years old and up. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • Includes: 1 Polly Pocket Dolls Puppy Party Playset including two dolls and 26 accessories.
  • Dimensions: 12cm L x 30cm W x 24cm H.
  • Features a puppy piñata exterior and opens to a skate rink birthday party that includes 2 dolls and 26 paw-some accessories.
  • Kids can throw skates on the micro dolls, then send them to the DJ booth to spin their favourite songs.
  • Race friends around the rink or boogie with pups on the dance floor to some sweet tunes.
  • Kids can pack up the party and take their piñata anywhere with the top handle feature.

Ages: 4+