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Primal Clash 17" Big Boss Gorilla

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Primal Clash 17" Big Boss Gorilla.

The Big Boss! Gorilla is a 17" gigantic, poseable Mega-Monster. The articulated, prehistoric looking gorilla has a mean and fearsome look. Kids will enjoy playing out epic battles scenes with this gorilla as he smashes and bashes his way to fun for the whole family. This ferocious guy is articulated in 16 points, including his head, shoulders, elbows and feet. He has giant arms with huge fists. Highly detailed and realistically decorated and is action poseable. His mouth opens and closes for a fearsome look. These fantasy toys help capture kids' attention and spark imaginative play. For children 3 and up.
  • Smash & Bash! With the Mega-Monster Gorilla!
  • Gigantic articulated Gorilla is 17" tall.
  • Highly detailed and realistically decorated. .
  • Mouth opens for a mean and fearsome look.

Ages: 3+