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Rainbow High Fashion Doll Olivia Woods

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Rainbow High Fashion Doll Olivia Woods.

The Olivia Woods fashion doll is dressed in green from head to toe. She expresses her own style in a matching green top and skirt with belt detail, earrings, sunglasses, a pair of heeled boots with a Rainbow High print and buckle detail, and fun accessories. These Rainbow High dolls have beautiful, green curled hair with two twist buns on top, long real eyelashes and glass eyes.

Rainbow High is the colourful fashion doll brand with successful YouTube animated series that promotes creativity, and celebrates diversity. At Rainbow High, students are creative and express their passions through their fields of study. Together with their friends from Shadow High, they show the world that you should be proud to show your true colours.

Collect all six Rainbow High dolls from Series 5 (each sold separately): Victoria - Light Pink, Priscilla - Pink, Michelle - Orange, Olivia - Green, Kim - Blue, and Aidan - Purple.

  • Includes: 1 fashion doll, 1 doll outfit, 1 pair of doll shoes, 1 laptop, 1 make up pallet, 1 lipstick, 3 brushes, 1 cell phone, 1 cell phone holder & 1 doll stand.
  • The Olivia Woods doll is dressed in green from head to toe.
  • Olivia comes with key essentials so her model makes it to the runway on time.
  • Check out her green curled hair, long eye-lashes & glass eyes.
  • This fashion doll is fully articulated with great poses.
  • Stand her up on the included doll stand.
  • Pro Tip - Once unboxed, wash doll's hair to remove styling gel.

Ages: 6+