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Ravensburger Cutaway Castle 150pc XXL Jigsaw Puzzle

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Ravensburger Cutaway Castle 150pc XXL Jigsaw Puzzle.

See a slice of medieval life with knights and fair damsels behind the walls of our “Castle Cutaway” puzzle!

This clever puzzle has 15 "cutaway" sections, giving us a view of life within the castle walls. On the upper floors, knights and their ladies enjoy a banquet, children are entertained or future marriages are planned. Down in the kitchen servants prepare meals whilst their children look on and in the dungeons captives are held and punished, will they ever be released? Outside children enjoy a first lesson in falconry, play games whilst a gallant knight and his squire go on a noble quest.

This colourful and detailed puzzle is a relaxing and fun way to spend time away from phones, computers and TV screens, to be enjoyed alone or with family and friends. Our 150 piece kids puzzles with XXL large pieces are crafted with premium quality and measure 49 x 36cm when complete.

Ages: 7+