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Rolly John Deere Triple Axle Multi Trailer

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Rolly John Deere Triple Axle Multi Trailer.

The Rolly John Deere Multi Trailer is a 3-way tipping trailer and is the largest trailer in the Rolly Toys range. This extremely sturdy and robust tipper trailer also has 3 axles for those extra heavy loads. All four sides are hinged and detachable. This farm trailer can also be cranked up and down using the handle at the front of the trailer. The pivoting front hitch makes turning this 6-wheeled trailer easy for young pedal tractor farmers.

  • Large sturdy side and rear tipper.
  • Three axle trailer.
  • Threadcrank.
  • Plates can be opened.
  • Sideboards with fastener.
  • Sideboards to take off.
  • Rear coupling.
  • Pivot plate steering.
  • Removable drawbar.

Ages: 3-10 years