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Science And Play Crazy Anatomy Playset

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Science And Play Crazy Anatomy Playset.

What does it feel like to touch a brain? Why not try it out! With Anatomy out of its mind you can find out!

Assemble the human skull with all its parts and have fun discovering incredible facts! From the plaster cast to the assembly phase, a set combining the pleasure of building a part of the human body with the thrill of touching and understanding how our skulls are made.

A set that tackles a scientific topic in a fun and sparkling way, by transforming the complexity of anatomy into a stimulating and amusing play experience. The chosen materials combine a realistic feeling with safety.

All the substances included in the kit are checked and certified to avoid dangerous reactions when coming into contact with skin and eyes. A skull to be assembled, two brain hemispheres, teeth and eye balls, lots of elements to be touched and handled as if they were real organs, for an ultra-realistic play experience.

Follow the adventures of a crazy scientist in an engaging story and learn lots of scientific facts thanks to the illustrated manual. All components and substances in our play sets undergo rigorous controls and tests to certify their quality, for guaranteeing a safe and fun play experience.

  • Includes: Mould for the brain and intervertebral discs, mould for vertebrae, plastic skull, teeth, eyes and springs, base with feet, tube, bag of plaster of paris, bag of ludogel, stickers for the eyes, spatula and illustrated manual.

Ages: 8+