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Science And Play Lab 110 Experiments Playset

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Science And Play Lab 110 Experiments Playset.

Ready for experimenting with and discovering all the secrets of science? Thanks to this incredible kit with over 100 experiments, the fun never ends!

Contains all the essentials for completing the experiments and getting acquainted with chemistry, physics, botany and optics in an easy, fun and engaging way.

An experiment for every occasion: step in the boots of a great scientist and have fun with a truly unique kit!

Experiment outdoors or at home and delight in observing phenomena and the reactions triggered by your experiments!

The illustrated manual accompanies the child through the various phases of the experiments, for playing in total safety.

  • Includes: Bag of plaster of paris, chemical substances, sachet with seeds, peat pellets, plastic pot, measuring beaker, plastic test tube, balloons, drinking straws, bubble blowing tools, measuring cylinder, joint for bottles, spinning top, optical effect boards, detective boards, board for moving disks, mirrors, stand for small mirrors, plastic volcanos, safety key, safety googles, teaspoon, spatula, small funnel, stirrer, pipettes, tweezers, paintbrush, filter paper, elastic bands, snap button, cardboard test tube rack and illustrated manual.
  • A Super Kit with all the tools you need to discover science.
  • A range of activities to experiment in otal safety.

Ages: 8+