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Science And Play Lab Crystals And Precious Stone Creation Playset

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Science And Play Lab Crystals And Precious Stone Creation Playset.

Unleash your inner scientist and explore the world of dazzling, oversized colored crystals with our comprehensive Crystal Growing Set! This extensive kit includes all the essential tools and ingredients needed for creating magnificent, glittering crystals. Delve into the fascinating realm of precious stones, where you can study and collect specimens like amethyst and blue agate, waiting to reveal their natural beauty.

As the highlight of the set, we provide a unique mold that allows you to craft your very own captivating geode. You can enrich this geode with an array of vibrant colored crystals, adding a personal touch to your geological masterpiece

  • A large set with all the essentials for creating glittering giant coloured crystals!
  • Precious stones to study and collect: the amethyst, blue agate and lots more are waiting to be discovered!
  • The set includes a special mould to make a fascinating geode that you can enrich with lots of coloured crystals.
  • The detailed scientific manual contains all the secrets behind the formation of crystals and the chemical reactions of salts!
  • Contains: Colourants, 50ml cup, Spatula, Scoop, Pipette, Precious Stones, Geode Shape Moulds, Cup For Crystals, Gloves, Box For Precious Stones, Chemical Substances and a Illustrated Manual.

Ages: 8+