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Science And Play Lab Super Chemistry Playset

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Science And Play Lab Super Chemistry Playset.

A set that introduces children to a notoriously complicated subject while they delight in experimenting with a brand new laboratory featuring an attractive design!

All the instruments of a real scientist for arousing a keen interest in this incredible scientific subject.

A unique and functional design for many different experiments! An area reserved for solutions and filtrations, one for measuring and weighing substances and a workbench for making chemical reactions.

An attractive manual with experiments arranged into levels of increasing difficulty, starting from the easiest ones to those requiring several steps to complete for amazing results.

The play experience extends beyond the product to explore a new field of application in the digital sector, for an increasingly challenging approach.

Five experiments for a big challenge: only by framing the cards and following the online tutorial can children find out whether the experiment was successful and share the outcome with friends!

  • Includes: Safety goggles, coloured stickers, gloves, filter paper, balloons, petri dish, test tube with stopper, syringes, tweezers, spatula, stirrer, funnel, lidded beakers, plastic tube, pipettes, key, three-way diverter, colouring tables, challenge cards, chemical substances, labroratory layout and illustrated manual.
  • Many experiments with increasing difficulty.
  • A laboratory to discover all the secrets of chemistry.
  • Safe and certified substances.

Ages: 8+