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Science And Play Chemistry Set

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Science And Play Chemistry Set.

Clementoni’s science kits help your kids learn on their own, with their helpful, colourful and-most of all-fun interactive exercises. They’re loaded with information, which is just what inquisitive young minds need!

Chemistry is probably one of the few subjects at school that everyone loves because there’s always going to be a chance of something exploding (or at least, bubbling over...)

Clementoni’s Chemistry Kit includes over 150 safe and fun experiments, with plenty of professional-looking gear, including beakers, safety goggles, atom models, test tubes and more.

Includes: Safety goggles, beakers with lids, test tubes with stoppers, bottle brush, stirrer, pipette, balloons, test tube safety key, measuring cylinder, funnel, test tube rack, spatuals, filter paper, tweezers, bubble-blowing tool, chemical substances and illustrated manual.

Ages: 8+