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Experience Fun Beyond Words with the Scrabble board game, now featuring two games in one! Players can enjoy the classic Scrabble crossword game they know and love building words and angling for Double Letter and Triple Word scores or they can flip the board and try Scrabble Together, a quick, casual game where players cooperate to complete word challenges. These two games spell FUN for longtime and new players alike!

  • Two Games in One! Play the classic Scrabble game you know and love…
  • …or flip the double-sided board and try Scrabble Together, specially designed for faster, more casual, cooperative play with easy scoring!
  • In Scrabble Together, work as a team to complete as assortment of 50 Goal Cards that help teach Scrabble basics.
  • Draw a card and reveal challenges like 'Play a five-letter word.'
  • Complete the challenge and take the card to earn a point super-simple scoring!
  • Goal Cards include 20 Beginner Goal Cards, 30 Standard Goal Cards, and 6 Helper Cards complete 20 goals to win!
  • For 2-4 players.

Ages: 8+