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Siku Amazone Centaur 1:32

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Siku Amazone Centaur 1:32.

The Amazone Centaur is the working tool for large tractors and should not be missing from any successful farm operation. 

The multifunctional soil tillage machine is perfect for all applications and masters even the most difficult challenges seemingly effortlessly: from stubble cultivation and primary tillage to topsoil loosening and seedbed preparation.
The frame of the robust model machine is made of metal, while the cultivator tines and disc harrow elements are made of plastic. The tires are made of rubber material with an agricultural profile and offer perfect grip even in deep and heavy soil.
For an even more realistic gaming experience, the packer rollers can be rotated at the front and rear, and the frame can also be folded and locked in the transport position. The impressive machine comes in the original Amazone livery in green with orange plastic details.
Scale: 1:32
Ages: 3+