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Siku Claas Round Bailer And Bales 1:32

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Siku Claas Round Bailer And Bales 1:32.

Introducing the Siku 1:32 Claas Round Baler. The Rollant 340 is a round baler from Claas. This ROLLANT series is the best-selling silage press worldwide. The press chamber has 16 press rollers that produce round bales with a diameter of 1.25m and a thickness of 1.20m. The Rollant is extremely reliable and also robustly built. The installed rollers are equipped with a chain drive.

The Siku model round baler Claas Rollant 340 has an opening tailgate from which the round bales can be ejected. Two round bales are included in the set.

Scale: 1:32.

Ages: 3+