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Siku New Holland T7 315 Tractor With Front Coupling 1:32

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Siku New Holland T7 315 Tractor With Front Coupling 1:32.

If you want to succeed in modern agriculture, you have to be strong. And the T7 Heavy Duty from New Holland is exactly that. A high-end tractor with increased power and first class comfort – it is also visually attractive. The T7 Heavy Duty has up to 315 HP available for using the heaviest working equipment. The top model amongst the large tractors is strong enough for traction tasks, soil cultivation, baling, and transport.

The bodywork of the siku model is made from metal, and the cab is glazed and can be removed, the interior detailed design creates a real tractor feeling. The front axle is moved via double-pivot steering and the bonnet can be opened.

The New Holland tractor has a siku standard coupling at front and rear and can therefore be combined with all trailers and accessories from the siku Farmer series. A front weight is provided as an accessory, and a simple mechanism allows this to be swapped with the front coupling. No matter what’s required, it’s no problem for the T7 Heavy Duty!

Ages: 3+