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SpiderMan Titan Hero Across The Spiderverse 12" Spiderman Figure 2099

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SpiderMan Titan Hero Across  The Spiderverse 12" Spiderman Figure 2099.

Miguel O’Hara tried to manipulate the genetics of former Spider-People and inadvertently turned himself into the best Spider-Man in the multi-verse! Release the power of the Spider-Verse with the Marvel Titan Hero Series Spider-Man 2099 action figure! Kids aged 4 and up can imagine web-slinging action and adventure with this 30-cm-scale deluxe action figure, inspired by the Spider-Man: Across the Spider- Verse.

Featuring film-inspired design and detail, as well as several points of articulation for poseable fun, children will love imagining superpowered battles with this large-scale Spider-Man 2099 toy! This Spider-Man: Titan Hero Spider-Man is a must for any fan! An ideal Christmas, Birthday or anytime gift. Browse this, the Spiderman range and other similar products online and instore.

  • Includes: 1 x 12" Spider-Man 2099 figure.
  • Miguel O’Hara has accidentally turned himself into the best Spider-Man in the multi-verse.
  • Inspired by the heroes and villains of the Spider-Man Marvel Universe.
  • Fans can imagine wall-crawling action and web-slinging fights with this Spider-Man 2099 toy.
  • With design and detail inspired by the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film.
  • 30-cm-scale Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series action figure.
  • Featuring multiple points of articulation.

Ages: 4+