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Squishmallows 3D Jigsaw Puzzle 73pc

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Squishmallows  3D Jigsaw Puzzle 73pc.

Join popular characters from the Squish squad as you piece together this 73 piece high quality Squishmallows 3D puzzle! Can you identify all the squishmallows on this puzzle ball? Help is here if not! Cam the Cat, Winston the Owl, Lola the Unicorn, Hans the Hedgehog, Fifi the Fox feature amongst many other adorable Squishmallows! This 3D puzzle ball is an absolute must have item to add to your Squishmallows collection.

All of the pieces fit together perfectly to form a strong and sturdy spherical puzzle. Comes with a plastic stand so you can place your completed 3D puzzle on display in your room for everyone to admire! Our 73 piece 3D puzzle ball jigsaws are crafted with premium quality and when completed are 13cm in diameter.

Ages: 6+