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Stylfile Nipper Clipper

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Stylfile Nipper Clipper.

Safely cut baby nails with the nipper clipper. From new-born babies to infants and toddlers, cutting tiny baby nails can be tricky.

The Stylfile Nipper Clipper is the world's first baby nail clipper with a safety spy hole. The scissor-like action of this baby nail cutter allows for a smooth and almost silent cut whilst being sharp enough to trim soft baby nails. The Stylfile clipper allows the baby nail to be seen before cutting so nails can be cut safely and correctly avoiding painful accidents.

The Stylfile Nipper Clipper comes with the Stylfile baby s-file, a curved nail file especially designed for tiny nails. The curved, long lasting baby emery board is specially designed to follow the natural shape of your baby’s nails, leaving them smooth and free from sharp edges after clipping.