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Super Mario Fire Mario Stadium Game

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Super Mario Fire Mario Stadium Game.

Super Mario Fire Mario Stadium is a fast paced action shooting game. Set up like a pinball game, you have to hit the target with the pinball discs in the middle of the game in order to move to the center. Whoever brings down the Bowser in the middle first, wins.

This game contains 2 Super Mario figures and a spinning top, which can also be used in all other Super Mario parlor games marked with the addition "Link System". To play. Collect. Combine.

  • Includes: 1 Fire Mario Figure, 1 Fire Luigi Figure, 1 Base Unit, 2 Fence, 1 Bowser Tower, 1 Bowser Plate, 2 Side Towers, 2 Target Units (Red & Green), 2 Fire Balls & 1 Label Sheet.
  • Includes 2 Super Mario figures.
  • Shoot the fire ball to defeat Bowser.

Ages: 5+