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Swingball Classic All Surface Swingball

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The Classic All Surface Swingball has been a hit with families for years. This high energy game will keep you on your toes! To play, position the tether in the middle of the spiral. Hit the ball back and forth so that it swings around the pole, moving the tether up and down the spiral. Compete to get the ball to the top or bottom of the spiral in order to win. This game is fast, active and a brilliant way to develop hand to eye co-ordination. But be warned: it tends to bring out that competitive streak in even the most unlikely of players!


The Classic All Surface Swingball comes with a real tennis ball, 2 championship bats and a championship base. The pole is height adjustable so it can be adapted to suit different players. The all surface base allows you to play anywhere, on any surface. Simply fill the base with sand or water to stabilise it and you’ll be ready to play. The Classic All Surface Swingball base converts into a handy carry case so you can pack everything away and take the fun with you wherever you go.


It’s fun, interactive, and great for all the family!


Includes 2 championship bats


Ages: 6+