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Swingball Pro All Surface Swingball

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Swingball Pro All Surface Swingball.

The Pro Swingball comes with a steel pole, designed for durability and the most competitive players, standing at an adjustable height of 1.8 metres it includes a power play spiral top and a real tennis ball, able to with-stand powerful hits. Thick power bats come with non-slip grips allowing players to get lost into the heat of the game and when the game is over the loser can hang their bat up on the convenient bat holder.

New and improved the all surface base contains an integrated handle for easy portability and a water plug to avoid any spillages when filling up your base! The All Surface base has balancing feet for stable gameplay and converts to become a handy carry case to pack everything away making it easy to take wherever you go.

Swingball isn’t just for the back garden, with the all surface base you can play anywhere on any surface. Simply fill the base with sand or water and then you are ready to go. The perfect game for all age groups... but be warned, Swingball cannot be held responsible for competitive tempers!


  • Pro spiral top.
  • Pro checkerbats.
  • Height adjustable to 1.8M.
  • Bat holder.
  • All surface pro base.
  • Water plug makes it easy to fill and empty.
  • Real tennis ball.
  • Play on any surface.
  • 1-2 players.

Ages: 6+