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Sylvanian Families Log Cabin Gift Set

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Sylvanian Families Log Cabin Gift Set.

In Sylvania the Log Cabin is everyone's favourite holiday hideaway.

The deck in front of the cabin can be transformed into a hot tub. Your Sylvanians can even climb up to the roof terrace using the ladder and marvel at the beauty surrounding them. Whether they want to sit on the porch with some fruit tea, or dip their paws into the hot tub, this is the perfect place for Sylvanians looking to relax and spend some quality family time together.

Have your figures enjoy their stay in this beautiful log cabin. A ladder, fence and log walls add to the cabin in the woods feel. The included Sunny Rabbit Girl figure wears a dress exclusive to this gift set.

It comes with all the furniture you need for your figures to have a relaxing stay. Enjoy even more varied play with our houses and furniture! (each sold separately).

  • Contents: The main unit, wood decking, wood decking top, 8 railings, ladder, sofa, oven, frying pan, canoe, 2 oars and a sunny rabbit girl (19 pieces total).
  • A beautiful holiday log cabin design.
  • A great value set including a log cabin, furniture and Sunny Rabbit Girl figure.

Ages: 3+