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Sylvanian Families Nursey Swing

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Sylvanian Families Nursey Swing.

The Nursery Swing has a swing set and slide that is perfect for the Sunny Castle Nursery and adorable baby Sylvanians. It comes with a Milk Rabbit cradled baby, ready to get into the swing of things.

With butterfly and bee designs, your little Sylvanian nursery students will feel as though they can fly!

For the smallest babies, the tulip lifts up and down! They will also look so cute peeping out through the snowman photo spot.

To ensure that your little ones can enjoy hours of fun, there's also a rain drop bouldering wall, monkey bars and spinnable sun!

  • Includes: Main unit, slide, swing (butterfly), swing (bee), tulip, castle and Milk Rabbit Cradled Baby.

Ages: 3+