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Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twins

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Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twins Set is a great addition to your Sylvanian Families Collection. The twin babies are cute as can be, and while Nel can be a bit of a fussy eater, Ned is a grumpy little baby with a talent for making a mess. If little Nel gets given something she doesn’t like to eat she won’t take a single bite, but if it’s one of her favourites, she’ll make sure she gets second helpings. Ned can be a little bit grumpy and he often makes his mother sad by getting her dresses dirty with his mucky paws. Mother Cecilia has even started wearing an apron even when it’s not dinnertime just in case he gets some mud or tomato sauce on her! Oh no!
Contents: A crawling baby and sitting baby, a baby dummy and a bottle.
Ages: 3+
Some figures, buildings and accessories not included.