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Sylvanian Families Sunny Castle Nursery

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Sylvanian Families Sunny Castle Nursery.

The Sylvanian Families Sunny Castle Nursery set contains a nursery with changeable weather and the Flora Rabbit Baby. The nursery comes with all kinds of fun things, including a piano, swing, slide and cradle.

Change the weather outside the window, by moving the lever, it can be sunny, rainy or nighttime! Play games suited to the weather or make the sun rise! The drawing board and table change into fun playground equipment for the babies.

  • Includes: 1 nursery, 1 table, 1 piano, 1 slide, 4 seats, 1 swing & 1 Flora Rabbit Baby.
  • Change the nursery background from day to night, and back again.
  • Stimulates imaginative role-play for children.
  • Combine with other Sylvanian Families accessories to act out even more stories (sold separately).

Ages: 3+