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Sylvanian Families Toy Poodle Family

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Meet the Sylvanian Families Toy Poodle Familiy. Father Frank, Mother Veronica, Sister Melinda and Brother Eric Cakebread.


Frank is good at sports. He's very generous about his hobby and always plays soccer or catch with the children in the village on weekends.


Veronica Cakebread is the pastry chef at the Village cake shop.Whenever someone's birthday or another special occasion is coming, the villagers always go to her cake shop.


Eric Cakebread is top of the class at school and is good at helping his friends when they don't understand something. Everyone goes to him for help because he knows just how to explain things so that people will understand.


Melinda Cakebread is an outgoing girl and makes friends very easily. She's learning how to bake cakes from her mother so that she can have a tea party of her own.


Ages: 3+