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Sylvanian Families Triplets Baby Bathtime Set

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Sylvanian Families Triplets Baby Bathtime Set.

This charming triplets baby bathtime set features the tiny Milk Rabbit triplets; Isla, Iris and Owen, along with everything they need for a fun-filled bath time!

  • Includes a pushcart for the triplets to ride in and plenty of bath toys and accessories. 
  • Each rabbit has their own facial expression.
  • Includes: Milk Rabbit triplet (Smiling - Pink Outfit), Milk Rabbit triplet (Calm - Purple Outfit), Milk Rabbit triplet (Sleeping - Yellow Outfit), Baby Bathtub, Watering can, Train Pushcart, Shampoo, Bucket, Watering Can, Rubber Duck (Pink), Rubber Duck (Yellow), Rubber Duck (Purple).

Ages: 3+