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Sylvanian Families Triplets Care Set

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Sylvanian Families Triplets Care Set.

The Sylvanian Families Triplets Care Set comes with small and cute Chocolate Rabbit cradled baby Triplets and baby furniture. The set comes with furniture for looking after them, by feeding them and tucking them into bed.

Combine with Chocolate Rabbit Family, Chocolate Rabbit baby and Chocolate Rabbit twins for even more enjoyable play with a full household (all sold separately). Or, combine with Red Roof Cosy Cottage or Red Roof Country Home for even more imaginative playtime (all sold separately)!

  • Contents: 3 x Chocolate Rabbits, 3 x Baby chairs, 3 x Rabbit plates, 3 x Mug, 3 x Rabbit spoons, a Cradle and 3 x Blankets.
  • A set of cute small Chocolate Rabbit cradled baby triplets and furniture for them.
  • Sit the babies in the baby chairs and feed them.
  • Tuck them into their cradle with their blankets.

Ages: 3+