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Tech Deck 96mm Board Ultra DLX 4 Pack Assorted

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Tech Deck 96mm Board Ultra DLX 4 Pack Assorted.

Tech Deck creates an authentic experience with their fingerboards from real skate companies! Each 96MM fingerboard displays original artwork from your favorite skate companies including Zero, Chocolate, Baker, Primitive, Thank you, Blind and more!  This 4-pack contains 4 boards that you can build and customize to your liking. Get crazy, recreate your favorite tricks and grind and slide on any obstacle! There are tons of Tech Decks to collect, if you want original skate graphics from real skate companies, Tech Deck is the place to be start small, go big and collect them all!

  • Includes: 1 x assembled Tech Deck, 3 x Tech Deck boards with Grip Tape, 2 x sticker sheets, 12 wheels, 1 x Skate Tool, 6 x skateboard trucks, 24 screws and 12 nuts.
  • Receive 4 boards with authentic skate graphics to build and customize.
  • Tech Deck boards are fully customizable! You can deck it out with different wheels and trucks to create your own special board.
  • Learn new tricks & tips from and become a pro in no time!

Ages: 6+

There are 3 styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.