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Tech Deck Daewon Megas Bowl

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Tech Deck Daewon Megas Bowl.

This set includes everything you need to build an awesome custom park for your fingerboard. The playset comes with an exclusive Daewon Song signature Thank You Skateboards pro fingerboard, adding a unique touch to your fingerboard collection.

The Tech Deck X Connect Mega Bowl offers a thrilling experience as you drop in, grind the guard rail, slash the pool coping, or customize the spot in any way you like. This makes them a great gift option for kids who love small and cool toys. It can also serve as a fantastic alternative to traditional toy cars, providing endless fun and skill-building opportunities. Start small, go big, and collect all the Tech Deck fingerboards and ramp sets to enjoy an exciting and authentic skateboarding experience right at your fingertips.

  • Customizable mini skateboard park with ramps and guard rails.
  • Includes exclusive Daewon Song signature Thank You Skateboards fingerboard.
  • Compatible with Tech Deck fingerboards or BMX collections.
  • Combine with other X-Connect playsets for a complete skatepark experience.

Ages: 6+