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Tech Deck Sky's Paris 2024 Ramp

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Tech Deck Sky's Paris 2024 Ramp.

Bring home your own Olympic skatepark with Tech Deck Sky 2024 Paris Ramp Playset.

This mini fingerboard skatepark includes different ramps and rails to set up multiple combinations to learn and progress your tricks. Grind the rails, speed up or slow down with the different ramps, and go for gold by mastering new tricks. Skate the Olympic Park Tech Deck course with Sky Browns signature pro fingerboard and add to your mini skateboard collection. Collect all three Official Paris 2024 Olympic playsets (Sold Separately) to create the whole park and build the ultimate fingerboard obstacles for you to shred! This is the perfect playset to use with your Tech Deck fingerboard collection or Tech Deck BMX (sold separately).

  • Includes: 1 Tech Deck Fingerboard, 8 Ramp Pieces, 3 Rails, 2 Scaffoldings, 2 Scaffold Beams, 8 Rubber Feet, 5 Large X-Connectors, 12 Small X-Connectors.
  • Design and skate your customer mini Olympic skateboard park set.
  • Set up different combinations with ramps and rails to learn and progress your tricks.
  • Add to your finger skateboard collection and skate your creation with Olympian Sky Brown Signature Fingerboard.
  • Features real skate graphics from real skate companies.
  • Shred your exclusive fingerboard with grip tape, bushings, and more, just like the pro’s!

Ages: 6+