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That's Magic Amazing Magic Set 100 Tricks

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That's Magic Amazing Magic Set 100 Tricks.

This is a great set for the youngest magicians to take their first steps into the world of magic.

Includes magic trick cards, cups & balls, magic rope, a magic wand and many other colourful props to make your own magic show.

100 easy to perform tricks. Some tricks feature in online instructional videos. A few everyday household objects will be required to complete some tricks e.g. cotton thread, spoon, pencil, paper etc.

Remember practice makes perfect. Always keep the secret of how to do the tricks and have fun!

  • Easy magic for young magicians.
  • Includes colourful props.
  • 100 magic tricks with clear instructions.
  • Mastering tricks builds dexterity & confidence.
  • Video of some tricks is available on-line.
  • Endless hours of fun!

Ages: 7+