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Tikkers Interactive Smart Watch Blue

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Tikkers Interactive Smart Watch Blue.

Tikkers' new Interactive watch is jam-packed with cool features, including a talking time teacher, selfie camera, video recorder and step counter. If that wasn't enough, it also boasts an alarm, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, voice recorder, countdown timer and a choice of 20 amazing displays! There is also a selection of exciting games to keep kids aged 6+ entertained. However, Tikkers' parental controls mean you can stay in charge.

The specially designed time teaching function will help your child master the art of telling time using a traditional analogue clock face, whilst still having all the ultra-cool features they want - and then some! 

The generously sized touch screen allows children to easily control their watch, while the soft silicone strap is comfortable for them to wear. It's every kid's dream watch.

Ages: 6+