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Tomy Toomies Fountain Rocket

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Tomy Toomies Fountain Rocket.

Budding aquanauts will be ready for take-off when the countdown to bath time begins! The Toomies Fountain Rocket has an amazing surprise in store, every time it reaches for the stars. Simply immerse the spaceship in the bath or in a paddling pool and watch what happens as the water floods into the rocket.

There’s a little stowaway alien on board looking out through the porthole, bobbing up and down level with the water as the rocket fills or empties. Then hold the spacecraft up high to see the water flow out in an amazing dome shape! Designed for hours of bath time fun, the Fountain Rocket is great for getting little ones used to getting their hair wet.

It’s a fun way to shower and a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Like all the toys in the Toomies range, parents and children will love to discover new ways to play. With bright colours to stimulate the senses, little ones will develop their fine motor skills as they explore the rocket and its workings. Comes with easy grip fins that double as a stand when not in use. 

Toomies love to have fun: It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of little surprises that will delight you and your child because we know memories are formed when laughter is shared!

  • Water play: It’s lift-off and splashdown for bath time with the Toomies Fountain Rocket.
  • See-through: Fill the rocket’s porthole at the top with water and watch the on-board alien wiggle about as the level rises and falls.
  • Magical surprise: Hold the rocket aloft and see the water escape in a fabulous dome shape!
  • Indoors & Outdoors: Designed for bath time and ideal for use in any paddling pool or at the seaside.
  • Builds confidence: A fun way to get littles ones happy about getting their hair wet.
  • Toomies. Hands on fun!

Ages: 1+