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Tomy Toomies Splash And Rescue Helicopter

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Tomy Toomies Splash And Rescue Helicopter.

TOMY Toomies Splash & Rescue Helicopter rounded, chunky design is easy for little hands to pick up and handle, whether they reach for the tail rotor or the twin floats that support the ‘copter in the water. Up top, its blue rotor can be set in motion by pulling on the rescue bucket. The two are connected by a string: a gentle tug is all that’s needed to set the rotor spinning.

Fill the rotor with water and watch as it sends spinning splashes round and round! Up front is the cockpit, home to the loveable Puppy Pilot. Give him a squeeze underwater and he’ll come up squirting water from his mouth. With a suction cup for feet, he stays fixed and steady at the controls of the helicopter, or you can attach him to the sides of the tub or on other surfaces such as bathroom tiles.

The rescue bucket has an adjustable handle and holes in the bottom so little ones can use it for pouring and showering baby sensory play. Rescue the dolphin from danger and take him for a ride in the bucket. Place him inside and winch it up by turning the blue rotor.

  • Includes: A Tomy Toomies Splash & Rescue Helicopter.
  • Fill with water and set the helicopter rotors spinning by pulling the rescue bucket.
  • Fill the rotor with water and see it spray a full 360 as it whizzes round and round.
  • Rescue the dolphin in the bucket.
  • Both are designed to fill and pour streams and showers of water.

Ages: 1+