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Tomy Toomies Eggventure Train Playset

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Tomy Toomies Eggventure Train Playset.

Explore this versatile 2-in-1 toy that combines a spinning Ferris wheel and a push-along train with carriages. Discover five different ways to play as your little one progresses through different ages and stages! Discover sounds as each chick cheeps when pressed down into its shell. With their cute faces and bright colours, shells are easy for little hands to pick up and fit together. Great for their motor skills, there’s also colour matching fun and shape sorting to test their logic and problem solving skills.

  • Contents: Eggventure Train Playset.
  • Spinning Ferris wheel with pods that convert into a push-along train with carriages.
  • Attach the train engine to the base and push down on the driver chick to spin the Ferris wheel. Watch as the pods with their passengers swing and sway their way around.
  • Unhook the engine, unclip the pods from the Ferris wheel. Load the cheeping chirpy chicks into their carriages then hook them all up to form a train with a swinging, ringing stack.
  • Hook up to a great range of Hide & Squeak Eggventure toys from Toomies.

Ages: 12-36months