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Tonies Disney Toy Story Woody Audio Tonie

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Tonies Disney Toy Story Woody Audio Tonie.

Welcome to screen-free play. Tonies replace bright, over-stimulating screens with hand-painted figures and simple tactile controls.

The heart-warming story of Cowboy Woody and his best friend Andy comes to life when narrated by Tracy Fraim and accompanied by songs such as ‘You’ve got a friend in me,’ it’s an audio adventure for the whole family.

  • Includes: 1 Tonies - Disney Toy Story Woody, booklet and instructions.
  • Place on your Toniebox for stories or songs.
  • Easy to use.
  • High quality hand-painted character.
  • Made for screen-free play.
  • Running time: approx. 54 minutes.
  • Toniebox audio system required (sold separately).

Ages: 3+