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Tooky Toys Whack a Mole Wooden Toy

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Tooky Toys Whack a Mole Wooden Toy.

How hard can you whack a mole? This pounding set encourages children with hand eye coordination as they get a hammer to whack as many moles as they can. When they've finished, just push the levers and the moles reappear.

This pounding board is fun for different ages and has endless play for whacking fun. The Whack-a-mole is a great educational toy intended for babies, toddlers and early learners. It stimulate your little ones' hand-eye coordination and dexterity with a simple whack with a hammer to knock down pins.

Each wooden Whack-a-mole from Tooky Toys is made from timber, finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

Ages: 1+