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Tug The Team Quiz Off Game

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Tug The Team Quiz Off Game.

Tug Teams Assemble! Get everyone involved in this exciting two-team battle of brains over brawn.

The game plays out inside the game box, which unfolds superbly into a mini tug of war arena with suspended rope and flag!

Full of guessable 50:50 questions that start easy and get tougher, sparking amusing conversations before your team locks in.

If just one team gets it right, they tug towards their side. Let the back-and-forth battle begin! Can your team TUG the flag all the way to your end to win?

The stakes rise as questions are worth more as the game goes on, and you can use your Last Chance Tug lifeline to stay in the game.

A travel-friendly trivia quiz game for 2-20 players from the creators of the award-winning smash hit CONFIDENT?

Easy to learn and fun to play for the whole family. Tug! is the party game you'll want to play again and again!

Ages: 12+