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Vtech Car Board Racers Monster Truck And Track

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Vtech Car Board Racers Monster Truck And Track.

Unleash your creativity with Car Board Racers! Construct a personalized racetrack using recycled cardboard pieces, connectors, and stands. Join the tracks together and place them on the stands to create an exciting racecourse that guarantees hours of fun.

Watch the heavy-duty Monster Truck zoom around the edges of the race-themed cardboard, providing exhilarating racing experiences. Witness the Monster Truck's attempts to clear the included stunt jump, adding an extra level of excitement to your races.

Utilize spare cardboard to expand your racetrack and enhance your racing adventure. With the freedom to get creative, you can add twists, turns, and unique features to challenge your skills. colour the cardboard pieces to bring your track to life with vibrant designs.

Car Board Racers promotes eco-conscious play by using recycled cardboard and encouraging the use of recyclable household items to create accessories for your race circuit. Think outside the box and transform everyday objects into imaginative racing elements.

The Car Board Racers set includes 4 pieces of cardboard, a sturdy Monster Truck vehicle, 10 connectors, 10 stands, and 2 suction cups. With all the essential components included, you're ready to embark on thrilling races and explore unlimited track possibilities.

  • Includes: 4 pieces of cardboard, a Monster Truck vehicle, 2 scenery sheets and ruler, a stunt jump and 10 connectors, 10 stands, 2 suction cups and a building guide.

Ages: 5+