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Vtech Card Board Racers Starter Set

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Vtech Card Board Racers Starter Set.

Fuel up your imagination with Car Board Racers Starter Set! Use the recycled cardboard pieces to build your very own racetrack, then join the tracks with connectors and place them on the stands and get ready to race! Place the chunky 4x4 vehicle on top of the tracks and watch it zoom around the edges, taking racing to a new dimension!

Use spare cardboard to expand your racetrack, get creative and colour them in! Use old recyclable household items to create fun accessories to complete your race circuit. Think outside the box, you will never be bored with Car-Board Racers!

Includes: 2 pieces of cardboard, a 4x4 vehicle, and 10 connectors and stands, 2 suction cups, 4 rubber feet sheets, ruler and building guide.

Ages: 5+