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Word Master Game

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Word Master Game.

Challenge your friends and family to the ultimate word challenge game – Word Master! This awesome tabletop family game invites players to take turns guessing the hidden word, just like Wordle.

Tabletop Word Games for Everyone!

Pick a card from the deck to determine the category. Using the alphabet tiles race against other players to guess the host’s secret 5-letter word. Take it in turns to host the round and mark the guesses. Who will be the Word Master at the end of the Game?

How to Play Word Master

First, nominate a Game Host for the round. The Game Host selects a category card from the deck. They can either select a word from the back of the card, or think of a 5-letter word within the category. Once the category has been announced, players build their word from the Alphabet Tiles, before turning their game rack to the centre for the host to mark – just like in Wordle.

Everything You Need to Play

A correct letter in the correct place is marked with a Green Token. Correct letter, wrong place is marked with a Yellow Token. As each player’s Game Rack is marked the Game Host should flip down any incorrectly guessed letters on the Alphabet Board. Play continues until a player correctly guesses the host’s word. The player to win the most rounds of Word Master wins!

For 2-4 players

Ages: 5+