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WWE Wrekkin' Boneyard Slamcycle And Undertaker Figure

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WWE Wrekkin'  Boneyard Slamcycle And Undertaker Figure.

Wreck the motorcycle and the competition with the WWE Wrekkin' Boneyard Slamcycle! Kids can roll down to the ring with the Undertaker action figure and smash, bash, and crash the vehicle again and again with eight breakable parts.

Slam the seat and launch into the action! Connect the chain to the motorcycle and drag opponents! 

  • Includes: 1 WWE Wrekkin Boneyard Slamcycle vehicle with 8 breakaway parts and 1 WWE Undertaker action figure.
  • Wreck the Boneyard Slamcycle with 8 breakaway pieces
  • Chain opponents to the Slamcycle and drag them to the ring
  • Slam down the Seat Launcher and soar into the match
  • Ride into matches with real rolling wheels

Ages: 6+