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X Shot Hyper Gel Blaster Gellets 20000 Pack

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X Shot Hyper Gel Blaster Gellets 20000 Pack.
Never miss a moment of excitement with this convenient 20,000 Hyper Gel Pellet refill pack! X-Shot Hyper Gel Pellets are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and leave no stains. Simply hydrate them with water, and let the blasting adventure begin. The resealable container ensures effortless storage and accessibility. Unisex.
  • Includes 20,000 Dehydrated Pellets: Simply add water to hydrate the Gel Pellets and get into the action.
  • Storage Container: Comes in resealable container. Only hydrate the Gel Pellets you need and reseal the container for later.
  • No Clean Up: X-Shot Hyper Gel Pellets are non-toxic, eco safe and don't stain.
  • Stock Up: Don't run out of Gel Pellets. Stock up and be ready to reload to win any battle.
  • Pack Inclusions: 20,000x Hyper Gel Pellets.

Ages: 14+