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Yvolution Y Fliker Air A1 Green

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Yvolution Y Fliker Air A1 Green.

Hours of Freewheeling & Mega-Drifting Fun. Watch your kids burn off all that crazy energy and increase their levels of fitness. Our original Y Fliker A1 swing scooter for kids takes the adrenaline to another level with its unique innovative design. On the Y Fliker A1 kids move their weight from side to side and the frame propels them forward. Kids have so much fun blasting up their speed – there’s nothing quite like riding a Y Fliker!

  • Smooth Drifting & Awesome Control.
  • The new design comes with a quick-response brake for maximum control, improved grip footplates to unlock even more drifting potential, and industrial-design PU caster wheels to make sure the Y Fliker drifting scooter for kids can withstand the usual ups and downs.
  • In those brief moments when this three-wheel kids scooter isn’t in use, the frame even folds down for carrying around town and easy storage at home or in the car.

Ages: 5+