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Yvolution Y Glider Scooter Kiwi Pink

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Yvolution Y Glider Scooter Kiwi Pink.

The Y Glider Kiwi is our new sleek three-wheeled kids scooter that comes with the latest comforts including easy-grip handlebars, extra-wide deck for side-by-side foot placement and safety and a wide rear foot brake. The scooter is so light that your kid and you can easily carry it anywhere.

The Y Glider Kiwi combines the fun of regular scooters with a patented design that helps kids develop their motor skills and balance. The three-wheeled design makes it easier for them to balance right away, helping them to focus on steering and gross motor skills. There’s nothing like the freedom of riding a scooter to give kids independence and help them develop a ‘sense of self’.

  • The Y Glider Kiwi design has a light and robust frame, while the three-wheeled system also makes the scooter much more stable and easier to ride while developing important motor skills.
  • The handlebars adjust in three settings, perfect for growing with kids. At a push of a button, the handlebar can also be removed for easy transport and storage.
  • Keep your kid safe with the Y Glider Kiwi which comes with a wide rear wheel, an extra-wide deck for grip and stability and a wide rear brake for quick stopping.

Ages: 3+